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De Beek Anno 1410 | Sint Truiden
De Beek Anno 1410 | Sint Truiden

De Beek ANNO 1410
History of the building

"De Beek ANNO 1410" is the oldest house of the city Sint-Truiden dating 1410 and has been transformed into buisiness flats / condos and guest rooms. Which makes them ideal for long term stays, short stays, weekend get aways,... Our customers are both buisiness customers, expats and tourists.

The building from the 15th century is situated on the transition from dry to damp Haspengouw, the old Cicindria brook lies at its feet (under the street). This transition from heavy loam soil to more permeable loess layers (fertile sandy calcareous loam layers) is characterized by numerous sources which originate from this transition.

Thus, numerous breweries were created on the spot in the Middle Ages because of the pure spring water. The building will have acquired this function very early on: discovery of an intact 15th century basement floor, a medieval well with a circumference of 3.80 m in Gobertange. (provided the entire city of Sint-Truiden with drinking water during World War One).

In 1815 (cadastre, register province) the family Loozen still brewed “Bock” beer in the building “De Beek ANNO 1410”.

The name "De Beek ANNO 1410" comes from:
"De Beek" = referring to the brook Cicindria located under the street in front of the building.
And "ANNO 1410", which is the date of the building, the wooden beams have been tested by the university of Liege and they dated the wood from 1410.

* The left picture is from before the renovation works in 1995.

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