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De Beek ANNO 1410 - Sint-Truiden

Fresco painting

"Garden of Eden"
artist Hub  Baerten

On the inner courtyard you can admire a fresco painting by the artist Hub Baerten, dating 1996..


The fresco painting is a representation of the garden of Eden. 

De Beek ANNO 1410 - Sint-Truiden


artists Kim Duchateau & Keet

The facade of the building has an illustration created by Kim Duchateau & Keet, dating 1996.

The cartoon is illustrating some of the recent history of the building:
- The brook Cicindria which is running under the street. Resulting in our name and the name of the street (the translation of brook is beek)  
-The Bar "Op De Beek"
- The offices of "Bouw and Milieu" (literally translated construction and environment). 

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