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De Beek ANNO 1410 - hotel - Sint-Truiden
Sint-Truiden (St-Truiden, Saint-Trond, St-Trond)

Sint-Truiden is an historical city founded in the 7th century. But the foundations of the city go back earlier, to the roman period.
Sint-Truiden is listed as number six of historical cities in Belgium.
Off course you can visit our monuments, abbey, churches... (guide tours are available).  More info
Should you decide to stay with us "De Beek ANNO 1410", you'll get access to an exclusive place. Because you'll be staying in the oldest house of the city dating 1410 and located 100m from the market square.


Sint-Truiden is the capital of the Belgian fruit region Haspengouw.
Haspengouw is famous for its fruit tree blossoms and makes it a perfect place to go cycling, walking or renting vespa's.

A tour in the region can bring you to nice places and stops like:

- Nature park "Het Vinne"

- Nature park "Nieuwenhoven"

- Brewery "Wilderen"

- Brewery "Kerkom"

and much more


Sint-Truiden is the second largest shopping city of the province Limburg, with events like "Ladies city day", "Men city day", street fairs,... organized by ShopAndTheCity.  

More information/links:

Tourist office

Tourist guide (PDF)

Rent a bike
Rent a vespa "The Original VespaTours"


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