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COVID - 19 Measures & guidelines

Dear guests,
we've putted in place some security measures:

- All rooms are kept empty for 1 day in between two reservations.

- Breakfast buffet: every table get's his own buffet/coffee/...

- No housekeeping will be done during your stay. Of course in case you need something, we'll provide services as needed.

- Disinfection sprays are available in the common area's.

- Mouth masks are required in all common area's, except when seated.


Restrictions by the government/city:

- Mouth masks are required in : all the stores, on the street, bar/restaurants (except when seated), all public places,...

In case of any signs, we keep the liberty of checking temperature on arrival and if necessary we'll refuse access to the hotel.

For travelers from abroad, make sure you're following the official guidelines concerning travelling by the governments.

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