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Private parking "De Beek ANNO 1410"

Limited availability
Price: 10€/day
Open: 24h/24h
Walking distance: 2 min

Public parking "Cicindria" *

Price: 0,40€/15min, 1,60€/1h and max 6€
Open: 24h/24h
Walking distance: 3 min

Public parking "Centrum" *

Price: 1,90€/1h and 9€/day
Open: 24h/24h
Walking distance: 5 min

Public parking "Market square"
and streets around our hotel *

Price: depending on location
FREE parking between 18:00 and 9:00
The market square is closed for parking each Saturday from 04:00 till 14:00!!!!

Public parking "Veemarkt" & "Begijnhof" *

Price: FREE parking

Walking distance: 10min

* We are NOT liable for the pricing or changes in pricing.
* Double check during check-in if you're parked correctly.

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