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Welcome at Apart-Hotel 'De beek anno 1410'

Het achterhuis aan de Cicindria

Welcome at Apart-Hotel De Beek anno 1410. Our Apart-hotel is housed in a beautiful historic building in downtown Sint-Truiden. The fusion of authentic 15th century features and modern comfort results in rooms full of character, where you will feel at home.

Apart-Hotel De Beek anno 1410 is centrally located, only 1 minute walk from the Grand Place and 10 minutes walk fram the railway station. The hotel is also easily accessible by car and it is accommodated with a private parking for the clients.

When you stay at Apart-Hotel De Beek anno 1410, you don’t only reside in the centre of Sint-Truiden, but also in the heart of Haspengouw. With Hasselt and Tongeren just a stone’s throw away, Sint-Truiden is the perfect base to explore the charmes of the region.